Administrations and operations in an enterprise company need the tools necessary to configure and operationalize systems to ensure high availability and reliability and to be able to migrate new jobs into production in a way that is easy to manage and monitor. Currently tools for Hadoop are fragmented and don't provide a single view of all systems.

With CDAP, you can:

  • Manage, monitor, and troubleshoot your distributed applications, their supporting services, and the underlying infrastructure making new projects easy to adopt.
  • Package and deploy applications easily using a GUI interface while still having the power of command-line tools.

You’ll also have:

  • Standardized containers for Datasets and Programs providing consistent management of data and applications, regardless of the environment or framework.
  • Application packaging providing distributable artifacts that simplify deployment, configuration, upgrades, and versioning of apps.
  • A unified platform providing application-centric dashboards and a consistent set of APIs for all aspects of applications and services.