CDAP 4 Preview

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Cask Market – The “Big Data App Store” with push button deployment for applications, data pipelines and plugins from within CDAP Use step by step wizards to help configure and deploy new entities within the platform.

Responsive Card-Based UI – Improved user experience through a new fluid card-based user interface. Search, navigation, and customizable user views improve the user experience. User-intuitive groupings for entities, resources.

New Messaging System – A dedicated transactional messaging system is being introduced with CDAP 4. This messaging framework improves reliability and fault tolerance.

Dataset APIs – Improved control over transactional operations. Finer granularity control allow developers to define which operations use transactions, and specify individual timeouts.

Application Versioning – Ability to expose application versioning to APIs. Run different versions of the same application, and perform rolling application upgrades through improved service routing.

Security – Continued enhancements to security.

Cask Hydrator in CDAP 4

Preview – Ability to use live data during the development process in Hydrator Studio. Introduced as beta version in CDAP 3.5.

Cask Wrangler – Improved schema definition experience in a Cask Hydrator pipeline with the addition of a graphical data wrangler.

Plugins – Cask Market in CDAP 4 provides a growing portfolio of applications and plugins to help interact with a wide variety of data sources. New plugins expose additional Spark Machine Learning capabilities, include the ability to run separate applications from within a data pipeline, and offer more efficient strategies for exporting data from common RDBMS systems.

Cask Tracker in CDAP 4

Data Dictionary – Ensure Data Stewardship, Validation and Compliance across data shared by multiple datasets.