Case Study

XML Ingest and Transform

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A sports and entertainment company was receiving data via XML files, and their data scientists couldn’t query this data for the information they needed. The data scientists were unsure what the final format would be for the tables, but they needed access to this final data from their existing business intelligence tools such as Tableau and R. So they needed to be able to adjust quickly.

With CDAP, the company was able to ingest and transform the XML data into multiple tables without writing any MapReduce jobs, and they could copy and adjust pipelines, allowing them to quickly make changes as needed. Finally, CDAP’s ODBC and JDBC drivers allowed the team to access data using the BI tools with which they were most comfortable.

Benefits of Cask Solution

Cost Savings The entire system was deployed at a fraction of the cost of traditional ETL tools. Replacing the legacy ETL tool with CDAP improved scalability, while reducing cost and future-proofing the solution. Improved Processes Enhance Decision Making Data pipelines will be deployed to build multiple tables from the company’s XML data. The organization’s data team will use that information to make key decisions for their business.
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