Whether you are an application developer or an infrastructure developer or somewhere in between, CDAP enables you to do more, faster, with better results. Collaborate easily with others by packaging up your code or tuning expertise with our reusable data patterns and application templates.

Application Developer

  • Free yourself from having to learn low level infrastructure APIs. CDAP features Java and REST abstraction layers that separate infrastructure from applications and provides reusable data patterns and application templates boosting your productivity.
  • Focus your time and effort on creating business logic instead of plumbing. Using CDAP’s extensible ETL framework create the logic for data migration using integrated ingestion and programmatic or drag and drop workflow capabilities.

Infrastructure Developer

  • Write code once, whether you are running on a local development environment, testing on a multi-node set-up, or deploying in a production runtime environment.
  • Let others leverage your deep expertise in Hadoop. Develop tight integrations and optimized tuning and package them using CDAP into reusable code containers. Reuse your code easily for future projects without having to rewrite.
  • Easily test and adopt new technologies. CDAP is an abstraction layer between your business app and the underlying Hadoop infrastructure. Swap out distros, processing engines, or data stores to test out new integrations.