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We’ve been there

Our team has built massive-scale platforms and Big Data applications at some of the largest internet companies in the world. We have put our experience and three years of development into technologies that enable our customers to overcome their Big Data challenges.

Developers for developers

We’re passionate about software development and developer productivity. We build things we’d want to use and share the tools we use. We know value comes from insights and applications, not infrastructure and glue. Our goal is to enable every developer in the world to deliver that value faster, having more fun with fewer headaches.

Open source big data is a big deal

We believe the value of Big Data is more than hype, and Apache Hadoop™ and related open source projects are the best path for organizations to realize that value. Open source is in our DNA, and we lead, contribute to, or utilize open source projects for everything we do.

Future of Hadoop: Data Applications

Data Applications combine real-time events with historical data to deliver actionable, operational intelligence

Data Application Challenges

  • Getting data into Hadoop and performing ETL
  • Gluing low-level APIs of multiple open source infrastructure components
  • Overcoming lack of Hadoop skills while Java and SQL developers remain underutilized
  • Adopting new and emerging Hadoop ecosystem projects
  • Moving applications into production without compromising security, governance, and transparency
  • Expanding beyond batch processing and reporting, to delivering real-time applications and results

Our Solution

The Cask Data Application Platform (CDAP) is an open source integrated platform for developers and organizations to build, deploy, and manage data applications.

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