Cask’s “Big Data App Store” with push button deployment for pre-built applications and components

Cask Data Application Platform CDAP 5.1 Now Generally Available!

Features & Benefits

Portable and Re-Usable

  • Companies can re-use common components like:
    • Use Cases: solutions built using pipelines and plugins
    • Pipelines: data transformation and processing pipelines
    • Applications: big data applications
    • Plugins: Pipeline plugins
    • Datapacks: sample data that can be loaded onto the platform
    • Drivers: drivers giving access to external data sources
  • Cask Market makes it easy to host internal apps and external apps so it can easily discovered by teams without needing to build from scratch
  • Apps distributed via the Cask Market can be ported to different Hadoop distros and computing technologies effortlessly because of CDAP’s abstraction architecture

Rapid Time-to-Value

  • Step-by-step wizards to help configure, customize, and deploy new entities within the platform
  • Enterprise ecosystem of reusable templates and pre-built components
  • Turnkey solutions with push-button deployment of assets means that business users can be empowered with minimal need for IT
  • New plugins include additional Spark Machine Learning capabilities, the ability to run separate applications from within a data pipeline, and more efficient strategies for exporting data from common RDBMS systems.