Distributed Rules Engine for CDAP

Cask’s Lightweight and Horizontally Scalable Business Rules Engine for Big Data Processing

Cask Data Application Platform CDAP 5.1 Now Generally Available!

Features & Benefits

Intuitive UI – No Programming Needed

  • Business users can easily set up and govern data ingestion and data processing – no programming required
  • Rules and rule books can be easily added, updated and shared
  • The inference-based rules engine provides a centralized repository for policies and transformations

Scalable – Native to Hadoop and Spark

  • Purpose-built if-then-else statement interpreter built on top of CDAP
  • Runs natively on big data systems such as Apache Spark, Apache Hadoop, Amazon EMR, Azure HDInsight and GCE
  • The rules engine is horizontally scalable, i.e. it scales out with your big data environment