An easy and interactive way to visualize, transform, and cleanse data


Interactive manipulation of visualized data enabling analysts to operate and preview their effects.

Inspect & Transform

Explore, cleanse, transform, blend, and transform your data with a click of a button.


Use bar charts, scatter plots and other charts to visualize data within and across columns.


Data preparation can be operationalized into production pipelines in Cask Hydrator with a few clicks.

Cask Data Application Platform CDAP 4 Now Generally Available!

Features & Benefits

Easy and interactive way to work with messy data

  • Explore and understand data using filters and automatic type detections
  • Apply transformations using merge, delete, and substring operations
  • Quickly visualize pattern both within and across columns

Works Seamlessly with other extensions

  • Integration with Cask Hydrator not only makes it easier for data scientists and data engineers to perform schema definitions and transformations but also makes it super simple to operationalize them
  • Integrated security, audit, lineage and governance for the data processing through seamless CDAP integrations

Other Cask Products

Cask Hydrator, powered by CDAP, is a data ingestion service that simplifies and automates the difficult and time consuming task of building, running, and managing data pipelines. The studio allows you to drag-and-drop various sources, transforms, analytics, sinks, and actions.

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Cask Tracker, powered by CDAP, helps you discover, profile, and govern data in your data lake. It has powerful features that allow IT as well as business users to manage all facets of data governance from data discovery, to metadata tracking, to data lineage, and usage analytics.

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CDAP accelerates time to value from Hadoop through standardized APIs, configurable templates, and visual interfaces, and it increases efficiencies through reusable and portable components. CDAP removes barriers to innovation as an extensible and future-proof platform that provides consistency across environments and easily integrates with existing MDM, BI, and security solutions.

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Cask Market is Cask’s “Big Data App Store” with push button deployment for applications, use cases, data pipelines, sample datapacks, and plugins from within CDAP. It provides step-by-step wizards to help configure and deploy new entities within the platform.

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