Customer 360

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With a diverse network of communication channels across vastly different platforms – mobile, video, social media - it is increasingly important for companies to understand how their customers and prospects are using their products and services. An increasing array of tools are used to develop this "Customer 360" view, including social media listening tools for sites like Facebook and Twitter, predictive analytics tools, CRM suites, and marketing automation software.

But aggregating customer data from these interactions is difficult and takes time. It requires ingesting, transforming, blending, and performing aggregations across numerous interactive source feeds of data. Data acquisition, entry, quality, management, and merging is crucial to effectively build reliable profiles on a mix of unstructured and structured data.

CDAP provides a self–service, extendable framework that allows companies to easily create data pipelines through a simple drag and drop user interface. CDAP prepares, blends, aggregates and applies science to create a complete picture of the company’s customer data. It puts big data analytics and customer insights at their employees’ fingertips.

Simplified Aggregation

Cask simplifies building end-to-end data pipelines, including ingesting, blending, and aggregating data from varied source feeds, leveraging easy-to-use programmatic abstractions and visual interfaces.

Flexible and Easy to Use

CDAP provides a simple and consistent platform to build, deploy, and manage complex data analytics applications in the cloud or on-premise. CDAP provides a comprehensive collection of pre-built building blocks to support data manipulation, data storage, and data analytics for rapidly building smarter end-to-end solutions without writing manual code.

Scalable and Reliable

Scalable and reliable production runtime environment and operational tools for easy deployment and management of solutions on Hadoop.