EDW Offload

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The Challenge

The cost of maintaining a traditional Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) is skyrocketing as legacy systems buckle under the weight of exponentially growing data and increasingly complex processing needs. Hadoop provides solutions enterprises need: it significantly reduces storage and compute costs, freeing up processing times and storage in the Data Warehouse, and increases the ability for IT organizations to meet SLAs.

While Hadoop can help organizations lower costs and increase efficiency, having internal subject matter expertise can be difficult.Offloading EDW data into Hadoop requires developers to write complex integrations from scratch.The process can be lengthy and takes developers away from building your core line of business applications. They need solutions that offload the heavy lifting of ETL processing from the data warehouse in a simple, cost-effective manner that doesn’t require specialized skill sets.

Cask Solution

Rapid Time to Value

Pre-configured pipelines in Cask Hydrator save developers the complex and time-consuming process of having to write custom data pipelines from scratch, enabling quick deployment of EDW offload solutions.

Simplifies Processes

Cask Hydrator provides a graphical drag-and-drop interface for building pipelines from the EDW into Hadoop.

Cask Tracker provides metadata audit, which simplifies tracking data flows and makes it easier to retrieve, use, and manage datasets.

Next Steps

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