Real-time Analytics and IoT

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The Challenge

In today's fast evolving, always-on economy, a competitive advantage comes from integrating streams of high velocity data with traditional sources of operational data. For example, retailers must understand foot traffic, predict demand spikes, increase supply chain intelligence and reduce costs through operational agility. Suppliers must react quickly to fluctuations in demand and logistical supply side challenges. Grocery chains must better understand inventory churn in the face of temperature fluctuations and operational efficiency. The data for all of these interactions is arriving in real-time from a broad diversity of sensors, POS/inventory systems, social media, and supply chain management integrations. Effectively capturing, processing, and promoting information is the difference between a satisfied customer, or another win for the competition.

Real-time analytics is challenging by nature. The existing paradigms are built around processing information after it is at rest. Those systems are arcane. Data in motion is complex in nature, is subject to high bursts rates, comes in a variety of inconsistent formats, and arrives from a broad ecosystem of sources. Ingesting and processing data is only part of the equation. You want data from any source you can get it. You need a platform to rapidly iterate on how you process the information. Your developers don't have time to build these solutions from the ground up - they need a platform to build applications on top of that which understands the complexities associated with real-time analytics. Your analysts want access to the same data and they need to be able to easily build drag-and-drop information pipelines to empower smarter business processes.

Businesses must gather data in real-time, transform it for usability, and analyze it on-the-fly to deliver results. Building and managing real-time analytics solutions is complex, costly, and time-intensive.

Cask Solution

Scalable and Reliable

CDAP provides the scalable and reliable runtime environment as well as the tools needed for easy deployment and management of your Hadoop solution.


CDAP integrates with Apache Sentry to provide enterprise-grade security and data governance, ensuring that sensitive user and sensor data is kept secure.

Reliability for Real-time and Batch

CDAP is a unified integration platform for seamlessly building and managing analytics applications with reliability and consistency. CDAP provides a single platform for both real-time and batch analytics. Cask Hydrator makes it easy to combine with the latest technology, such as Spark Streaming, for streaming with a drag-and-drop interface. This simplifies the loading of data from various data sources as well as the transformation needed to develop real-time analytics and IoT solutions.

Next Steps

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