For our enterprise customers, we only have one level of support – reliable! Because the support team is part of our engineering team, it has access to all the knowledge you need to resolve issues quickly. And because they are integrated with our engineering team, learnings from interaction with our customers are directly integrated into the development of future releases.

Quick Start

To get started delivering value with CDAP and Hadoop quickly, Cask offers our customers a pre-packaged set of support and services through our Quick Start Program. Contact our sales team to find out how we can support your success with a well-defined project in a short amount of time. We’ve pulled together just the right combination of training, professional services, and expert support to deliver a successful CDAP and Hadoop solution in as little as two weeks!


A CDAP enterprise subscription gives you everything you need to develop data applications in an enterprise environment. It provides the guaranteed response time and direct support from the engineers who build CDAP.

Product Features CDAP Apache 2.0 License CDAP Enterprise Subscription
Certification with Hadoop distributions
Community support
Access to videos, tutorials, and docs
24 x 7 x 365 web portal support
Email and phone support
1 hour response time to Severity 1 issues
Diagnostic support for your Hadoop environment
Support for Tigon, Tephra, and Twill included
Validated for production with added stress, performance, and compatibility testing
Installation and updates done by or with Cask
Hot-fixes for security issues and bug fixes
Legal assurance
Available: Expert training on-location for your team


CDAP and other Cask projects are open source. To get you started quickly, make sure you view the available documentation, and connect with the experts on Google user groups to find out about best practices. Learn, collaborate, and thrive within our growing community.

More Services

Cask offers a variety of other services, including training and professional services. Please visit our Services page for more information.